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Calendar Card of Year 2024 Electronic File

With the aims of supporting environmental protection and energy conservation and of reducing paper use, the Calendar Card of Year 2024 (large-sized card format) electronic file produced by the Public Information Centre has been uploaded on its webpage www.cip.gov.mo for the public to download. Thank you for your support.

(Issue Date: 13 October 2023)
About Public Information Centre

As the society undergoes rapid developments, the need of the public to have access to the government information is increasing steadily. In view of this, the MSAR government has set up the “Public Information Centre” which serves as one of the diversified communication bridges between the government and the public, and as the information source for constant improvements in governance.

The external services of the “Public Information Centre” include public enquiries and receiving complaints and suggestions. The Centre provides reliable information and quality services wholeheartedly to help citizens clear up queries and to refer citizens’ opinions and their cases to the competent authorities for effective handling, depending on the actual needs.

The English website is provided for reference only.